I believe in 100% transparency and honesty. I will be someone that listens and acts based on what my voters want. The only promise I will make during my campaign is that I will bring your concerns and ideas to council, representing  the people of the St. Norbert -  Seine River ward. There are major issues everyone is talking about, however let's not forget about the smaller concerns that often get overshadowed by Rapid Transit and the opening of Portage and Main. I enjoy talking and listening to everyone because we all have our individual concerns and ideas on how to make OUR city better in the future. My 1st goal is to reach younger voters and have their voices heard,  I would like to see the 18-24 demographic numbers grow in this upcoming election. This is OUR CITY; we all have a voice that needs to be heard. I want to be that voice.


Rapid Transit:

  • Continue to grow the rapid transit in all areas of the city

  • Adding more major stops  where buses connect

  • Having buses on Hwy 101. Cutting time and joining our areas quicker. A 15 minute drive from St.Vital  Center should not take 45-60 minutes by bus.

  • Smaller routes for some current routes

  • Look at  future planning of a Light Rail Transit system to extend North and South as well go East to West


  • Prioritizing which roads need the most improvement first

  • Traffic flow fixing the timing of lights so traffic moves better

  • Installing more countdown timers at intersections

  • Having better street cleaning & snow removal

  • Creating more paths for cyclists and electric bikes

  • Scooter park 'n' lock locations at bus stops and throughout the downtown 

Community Centers:

  • More funding for community centres

  • Upgrades/New splash pads, pools, play structures

  • Drop in centers for youth and teens with indoor and outdoor space

  • Safe places for seniors to go and play various indoor and outdoor games


  • Safer school zones

  • More enforcement in school zones during peak times

  • Easier access for drop off and pick ups

  • Crossing guards at major intersections